Our Pastors

Our Pastors

Senior Pastor - Pastor Scott Anderson
Pastor Scott Anderson has been a minister at New Life Victory Church for over 30 years. He was brought up in the faith under Dr. Lester Sumrall, and continues under Dr. Mark T. Barclay, in which he is a member of the president’s cabinet. Pastor Scott is a preacher of God’s Word, bringing joy that exudes while he preaches and overflows onto the congregation. His sermons are full of preaching the Bible, life-giving testimonies, stories, and lessons that the whole congregation benefits from. As a firm believer in miracles, he has watched the dead rise and the sick become healed. During trials and adversity, Pastor Scott has retained his love and devotion to God backed by a Holy Spirit filled joy in everything he does.  

Pastor Scott Anderson has a heart for the missions and for all people to be saved. He has traveled to many areas including, Uganda, Romania, Malaysia, and Russia. As the pandemic is coming to a close, he is very excited to get back to preaching in other countries while continuing to invest in the Kalamazoo community.

Care Pastor - Mrs. Kevie Anderson
Mrs. Kevie Anderson has faithfully stuck by Pastor Scott’s side through thick and thin. As a strong first lady in the faith, she seeks to welcome everyone with open arms and help them be encouraged in the faith. She has faced many trials and mountains in her life, yet God has carried her through them all and has strengthened her faith and her love for Him and for all people! As the Care Pastor she makes a point to interact with everyone and remind them that they are loved by both God and this church family.

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