Ignite Youth

6th-12th grades
The word IGNITE means to cause to burn, to begin to glow, to set fire to arouse or excite feelings & passions. That's what we want. To ignite the passion for Christ in the teens' hearts and lives so strong that it spreads throughout their families, friends, schools, and to the world! We also have many service opportunities throughout the year that allows the youth to interact with new people and strengthen their relationship in God.

We’re passionate in helping teenagers succeed in life, find their purpose, and develop a strong relationship with God. We understand the importance of reaching the youth. Ignite Youth is much more than just pizza and video games. We like to create relationships that foster God's love and talk about things that youth go through.

Ignite Informer

We are planning to go to Invasion this year once again! Thank you to all who came and helped at our garage sale, we earned over half of what we needed to cover the trip!

New Life Victory Church
2775 S. 26th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048